When I first saw her I immediately knew I was looking at a boat that meant business, her smooth Italian lines gave her a stylish elegance but it was coupled with a look of intimidation provided by her Silver Grey paintwork. This was definitely a boat of distinction, a true Baglietto, and well worth taking a little time to find out more about her.
It turns out that this 23M2 was custom built in 1983 for an owner with a great appreciation for speed and handling, Baron John Von Neumann, who made his fortune distributing Porsche in the USA. According to the Baron, “a boat is not a house but a vehicle and a vehicle must move quickly”, so he made sure his were built that way.
Speaking of the baron, Pietro Baglietto said: “This customer is a truly demanding perfectionist.”
The baron’s different yachts, whose names reflect his attraction to Native American culture, have very special characteristics and one of them is the militaristic grey liveries, and I really hope this one keeps her true colours.