Cyprus has been making wine for thousands of years, in fact in and around Limassol excavations have produced wine jugs that indicate that it goes back some 6000 years! This would make Cyprus the forerunner of wine production in the Mediterranean region and even puts the island ahead of France and Italy.

It has not been claimed that Dionysus (Bacchus) the god of the grape harvest, wine making & wine was a permanent resident of Cyprus but he must surely have kept a holiday home here as amongst other things, there are unique ancient mosaics portraying his presence in Cyprus. He was also called Eleutherios (The Liberator) whose wine, music and dance freed his followers from their inhibitions, losing their self conscious fears as they became empowered by the God himself. A night out in Cyprus will confirm that he still appears to have many followers, which helps explain why Cyprus is well known for the friendliness and hospitality of the islanders

Things may have changed over the centuries in the world of wine, but Cyprus has moved with the times and adapted to produce some fine wines which they showcase at the annual Limassol Wine festival in Limassol (August 30th – Sept 9th 2014). As well as enjoying the wine, song & dance you will probably be fortunate enough to meet many of the current disciples of Eleutherios, so it is well worth a visit.

For those of you looking for an earlier and more sedate education, Larnaca Tourism Board is currently offering regular Wine tasting classes running through to March of this year. Free to all visitors!

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