An Italian Built 53 foot Luxury Motor Cruiser with a difference, the Salpa 50.5 is a high tech yacht designed, not adapted, to use the Volvo IPS propulsion system. The Integrated Propulsion system not only gives you superb handling but is also is more fuel efficient, quieter and makes for a faster boat!

Combine that with design features that make this motor yacht good to look at as well as light, strong and with optimum weight distribution and you have a boat to be reckoned with!
If that all sounds like the familiar sales hype readily found in any glossy brochure, Selpa have backed it up by allowing the Composite Materials Engineering Department of the Frederico II University in Naples to subject the 50.5 to six months of rigorous testing to certify the structural rigidity etc.

BoatshedCyprus now have for sale a 2012 model Selpa 50.5, good to look at, easy to handle and environmentally friendlier than the average 53 foot luxury Motor cruiser. If you are considering buying a boat in this category take a look at the details on , you won’t regret it.