Whilst Gambling in Cyprus is currently illegal the Cyprus President, Nicos Anastasiades has recently declared that he is prepared to allow casinos to operate in Cyprus in an effort to boost revenue. It’s hardly likely to turn the island into a Las Vegas type resort but it is a major step toward offering more facilities for tourists.

Now that's likely to change, if you want to be ahead of the game and ready to operate as soon as a license is granted, then an exclusive boutique style floating Casino would considerably minimize your risks. You could have it fully fitted out in preparation and if you then encounter any serious problems, you simply up anchor and cruise off to a new location.
Currently available in Cyprus is an opportunity to make the competition look extremely boring by comparison!

30 meter Motor Catamaran for sale
This ship would present a really high profile and with the correct lighting would be visible for miles!

As a high speed passenger ship she is already able to carry about 200 people in comfort, so more efficient use of the available space could considerably increase her capacity.

With a beam of almost 10 meters she is so stable you have to remind yourself that you are actually not on land, and there is no problem getting your passengers aboard as she can float in as little as 5 foot of water.

If you aren't looking for a casino she is ready to Rock & Roll as a floating bar & Restaurant, complete with her own bar, dance floor & Disco lighting.

However, if what you are really looking for is peace, tranquility and absolute luxury, you can elect to go for the full Tony Castro conversion and have your own floating palace in the Med.

Then again, you could always combine all three options and have some real fun!